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Sara Ricciardi – Still Life

Vernissage Donnerstag, 14. September 2017, 6 – 9pm
Ausstellung vom 15. September – 4. November 2017

Amazing Crocodile Design Store präsentiert verschiedene Objekte aus dem STILL LIFE Projekt von Sara Ricciardi.

Sara Ricciardi



Amazing Crocodile Design Store presents several objects from the STILL LIFE project by Sara Ricciardi.

Sara Ricciardi


There are objects that suggest practices – formal exercises to learn how to generate. The ancient art of Ikebana was the driving force of the project. Samurai, the valiant Japanese warriors, practice in the „road“ of composition (ikebana) with natural elements to find within them the force they needed to overcome the fear of battle and death that could take them at any moment.
Some processes need to be activated in order to find the most intimate balance, the equilibrium of natural forces to balance the spirit. Allow yourself to live time and select nature sample to make them sacred. Attach value, take a careful choice and communicate the tension of being.
This practice generated the „still life“ project, a range of supports made in different materials like brass, copper, marble and plaster that encourage people to experiment with their creative process and give birth to natural fetishes produced with dead branches and leaves. Solemn beauty posing for the last time. These supports are open objects, tools of creation provided with holes and punches that encourage people to act focusing the attention on little moments in the surrounding environment and thus generating uniqueness.
In these processes, time becomes a skin sensation and a mood.
Valuing death, perceiving it as a passage to celebrate the intensity of life.
The project was designed to respond to the “Designing the Future” manifesto proposed by the curator Annalisa Rosso for Operae 2016.
A small gesture reminding us that a good future is based on the awareness of the present with souls able to chose, care and value.



Born in Benevento – Italy – 27 years ago – eating pomegranates – drawings on walls – running in the fields – stories of witches – Greek and street theatre – unexpected meeting – Milan – NABA – raging curiosity – nocturnal coffee maker – researcher of possibility – new life in Turkey – daily loves – NYC studies – set designer – concept&brainstorming – products development – art residencies – co-founder at LA LATTONERIA – Social design teacher at NABA – Art director Openday Naba – workshop leader – busy 24 hrs in building up new visions.